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22 Passenger Freight Liner
With Restroom

Freight Liner
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This is the Ultimate Land Yacht. The Freight Liner is a spacious upright vehicle, with a white exterior and awesome custom exterior gray and purple colored graphics. It has large tinted windows on each side. The Interior features stainless steel throughout including wave style black and gray sofas with ostrich texture. A stand-up corner bar area with fiber optics throughout, a large 42" Samsung wide-screen plasma television with DVD/MP3/CD and Dolby Digital surround sound, strobe lights, neon lights, lightning dish, laser light show. Ice coolers, wine cooler and champagne cooler, stainless steel sink with running water and lighted graphics above the sink area are also included. It has a fabulous air-conditioning system.

This vehicle features a slab floor with stainless steel ceiling and stainless steel accents throughout with fiber optics. Also included is a fully functional restroom! This vehicle is as close as you get to a nightclub on wheels! Lets not forget to mention that a 6 foot 5 inch individual can stand up and walk around the limo portion of this vehicle.

Reserve a Freight Liner Limousine today at our New Jersey Limousine Service. In northern and central New Jersey, call 732.409.9961. In southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, call 866.409.9961 . For a New York Limousine call 1.866.409.9961.
**N.B. : DISCLAIMER - Photos provided by Limousine Coach Builder / Manufacturer, actual vehicle interior / exterior may vary and subject to change on delivery. Please request further information from your sales representative.