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New York and New Jersey Airports

All airports are not the same, and all limousine services to and from those airports are not the same.

What To Do

Going to JFK, Newark or LaGuardia? Perhaps when the driver is late it will occur to you that you should have used Fancy Limousine Service. Perhaps when your inexperienced driver gets stuck in traffic that could be avoided it will occur to you that you should have used Limousineservicenj.com to book your airport Limousine Service or perhaps when your limousine driver points to the trunk and tells you he has a bad back it will occur to you that you were foolish not to consider Limousineservicenj.com for the trip.

What To Consider

Thank you to all those customers who have bookings for their airport ride with limousineservicesnj.com and, of course, thank you to all of you who are considering our airport limo service to JFK, Newark, or LaGuardia.

Not All Airports Are The Same

Yes, not all airports are the same. NYC airports are as unique as snowflakes!

Newark International Airport Limo

Our EWR limo service knows how important it is to check gate and terminal assignments. At EWR they can change and often do. Our EWR limo service is well equipped to handle these details without bothering you while reading the fresh morning paper. The bottom line is our Newark airport limo service will get you to the plane on time, put your bags in the hands of the skycap and bid you a fond farewell. Don’t rely on well meaning relatives. Call Limousineservicenj.com.

JFK Airport Limo

In and around Long Island, the time of day and day of the week is more important than what terminal. Lead time requirements can vary as much as two hours. Next time you want to avoid the hassles and risks of driving to JFK Airport, finding an acceptable parking space and waiting for the courtesy bus, do the math. With all that cost for driving and parking and with all the risk of parking long term, wouldn’t you be better off arriving fresh as a daisy and ready to party? Limousineservicenj.com will get you there safe and sound, with time to spare.

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Laquardia Airport Limousine Service

Should I go down the Westside highway and cross over to the Midtown Tunnel? Maybe I should consider the Gothels Bridge or the Outerbridge Crossing to the Verrazzano. Wait, I just had a better idea! Let’s call Limousineservicenj.com and leave all the decisions to them!